Only phpMyadmin and projects show blank

Steps and Error

Error occurs when I installed first wamp, then IIS. What I did are;


  1. Wamp icon is green.
  2. No view source in web page.
  3. No error log in apache.
  4. All php files exist in app folder.
  5. Turn off all antivirus software.


  1. Installed wamp and changed port to 9999
  2. Installed IIS and others to run PHP on IIS
  3. IIS was ok and wamp shows only localhost:9999, phpMyadmin and project urls are showing blank page.
  4. Completely uninstalled both wamp and IIS.
  5. Though uninstalled and reinstalled wamp, the same result.(There is no error shown while reinstalled wamp). Then, I decided to install xampp.
  6. Installed xamp, that shows some services cannot be installed due to error.

2 Solutions

(were given while installing xampp)

Solution 1

Installed in different drive(means which can have permission to be installed)

Solution 2

Turn off User Account Control after installation



Could not open input file composer.phar Error

After you have installed composer on different directory(not in C: drive),

Step 1: change directory to location where composer.json exist.

eg: D:\xampp\phpMyadmin\composer.json then change to D:\xampp\phpMyadmin

Step 2: command=>php composer.phar install

Here you are!